Cosmos 389 R/B and Meteor 1-31r
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 20:09:41 EST

With clear skies at a premium this time of year around the Great Lakes and
November being the second cloudiest month of the year ( December being the
first) all clear sky observation advantages need to be taken.

Wednesday evening, November 24, observations of Cosmos 389 R/B (#4814) and
Meteor 1-31r (#12586) were made with some cloud cover. Both had a visual mag
of 4 even with some high cirrus cloud cover and a 27% lit moon in the
southwest. Elevations were about 50 degrees and azimuth of 90-120 degrees.

Looking ahead, looks like Mir makes a good pass on the evening of the 27th of
about 78 degree elevation. Looks like the first visible pass of ISS in this
area will be the morning of the 28th (1105 UTC) but elevation max of only 20
degrees ; better pass on the 30th (1049 UTC) with max at 40 degrees.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I know there has been some "heated" discussions on
a few things the past few weeks but let us remember that maybe all of us need
to take a "timeout" and remember to occasionally not to look what is above us
but what is within us.

40.86N 81.93W