Double Flare - 3rd set
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 21:25:14 EST

This evening featured the 3rd Iridium flare in less than a week through
Cassiopeia.  The other two featured a second, unpredicted flare.   This
evening's Iridium 39 flare was right on time (22:51:49 UTC) at the predicted 0
mag.  The second flare peaked at 22:53:00 UTC at a mag -3!   It was at a
negative mag for at least 6 seconds.  

Tomorrow evening Iridium 15 is predicted to flare at a +1 mag in Cassiopeia.
I'd say that for those on the East coast of the USA, there's a pretty good
chance that this one will produce a double flare as well.

Other obs:
As Jack has previously reported, the Mir was a nice -1 mag at 23:33 UTC this
evening.   There is an excellent pass for the folks on the Eastern USA
tomorrow evening circa 17:22 EST.   

Iridium 20 flash centers
23:48:40, 23:49:50, 23:50:10 UTC

TIPS - Got a short glimpse of TIPS just below gamma-Peg at 00:00:20 UTC (28
November).  The NRL elsets were used for the prediction.

COBE is providing some brighter-than usual passes.  This evening's it was
about a +4.5 going through the great square of Pegasus ay 22:17 UTC.

Cosmos 2359 is bright (+1 mag) and a fast mover.  It must be near the 237 km
perigee when it passes here.

Don Gardner
76.8419 W, 39.1796 N,  34m ASL