King-Hele book available

Bob King (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 22:03:48 -0600

Fellow satellite watchers -- I have enjoyed this list for more than a year and 
have seen only several ads in that time so I don't know if this is appropriate. I 
have a second copy of King-Hele's hardbound book "Observing Earth Satellites" 
for sale for $17 (this includes US shipping.)  It's in very good shape with cover 
(a couple small tears on cover). The inside is clean and tight however a former 
owner has neatly written in mileage equivalents over metric distances scattered 
through the first 49pp of the book. 
Please contact me personally by e-mail if you are interested in this. My 
address is: Thank you ----- Bob King (Duluth, MN)