Richard_G_Hines (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:07:20 -0500

Saw this sat (id=22979) on the evening of Nov 27th. It passed low in the
south underneath the star Fomalhaut in Pisces Australis. A steady 6th mag
in my 10X50 binocs. A typical sighting for many satellites.

But then realized the prediction came from Highfly and swung within 400 km
of the ground. Since Highfly is for the low rev sats, it must have a high
eccentricity. Looked it up and shows an eccentricity just over 0.7! At
apogee it swings up to the edge of the geosyncronous belt. The Satellite
Enclopedia says it was launched by Japan in 1994 on a H2 rocket on a
technology mission. VEP is an acronym for Vehicle Evaluation Payload.

After reviewing my list of 1500 sats seen, this has the highest
eccentricity on my list.

Web site for TSE is
Web site for Highfly is

Thanks Mr. McCants for Highfly!

Lexington, SC