Many Thanks

radar (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:49:01 -0500

Hey folks,

I would like to thank everyone who helped me over the last couple of days to
get Quicksat, and Skymap working.  With the Aid of GSOC, I was able to setup
and verify operation of these programs.

I think for now, I will stick with the use of Satspy(For its visual aspect
of the satellite predictions), GSOC, and Quicksat to do predictions of
Satellite passes and Flares.  Right now, skymap is just too busy with all
the stars, etc.  As some point, when my interests grow more towards learning
astronomy, and not just satellites and their theories, I will concentrate a
bit more on Skymap.  My main goal right now, is to get almost perfectly
accurate predictions for my area.  So that within seconds of a predicted
flare, etc, I can go outside, look up, and there it is.  At the same time, I
am very interested in learning the theory behind orbiting bodies, what all
the numbers in the tle files really mean, etc.  If anyone can point me in
the right direction for some good sources of information on those subjects,
I would greatly appreciate it.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped.


Terry Bennett