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From: Tom Wag. (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 11:29:44 PST

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    Many years ago I myself also had a great surprise of seeing an unexpected
    object suddenly appearing in my telescopic field of view.
    I had launched two hydrogen filled balloons, tied together, with a note
    attached, hoping to get a response from somebody far away. As I recall, the
    time was about an hour 'before' sunset and the balloon was drifting south of
    my location. After tracking it for some time through my telescope, it was
    getting quite small, even as seen using 50 times magnification. Then, all of
    a sudden, a white circular object appeared to slowly move into my field of
    view. [Actually, I was doing the moving because I was tracking the
    balloons.]  I at first thought, UFO!! Scarred me half to death! Then, I
    realized that what I was looking at my balloons passing very close to
    Jupiter, yet the sky was still blue! The diameter of the balloons appeared
    so small that together, they weren't much bigger than the planet and they
    nearly transited it.
    I have since thought to myself, what are the odds of my balloons passing so
    close to any planet, let alone seeing the planet in full daylight? I have
    seen Venus in the daytime but at that time I didn't know that Jupiter was so
    bright. Since then, I have kept track of Jupiter, without optical aid, for a
    good half hour past sunrise.
    Best regards,
    Tom Wagner
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