Telstar 401 geo-flasher seen

From: Rick Baldridge (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 03:12:48 PST

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    Telstar 401 is a bright geo-flasher and was spotted naked-eye while
    observing the Leonid meteors on November 18th U.T.   The sighting was purely
    accidental.  First seen near Rigel in Orion at about 8h50m UT, the flashes
    were close to Rigel in brightness as well as proximity.  I quickly set up to
    videotape the flashes, not knowing it was a known geo-flasher.  The last
    flash I timed was near the Orion Nebula and came at 9h10m26s U.T. with a
    timed average interval between flashes of 2m49s, or 169 seconds (four
    rotations timed).  This is much faster now than some of Ed Cannon's
    observations of over a year ago.  Observations were made from Campbell, CA
    USA at N37.272 W121.977, Alt 72Meters.
    For some background, see:
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