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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 04:03:48 PST

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    Hi anyone interested,
    For the past week or so I have been using part of my CoSaTrak system to
    search the orbital plane of USA 116 ( 95066A, #23728) and have come up with
    the following:
    Unknown #1
    14 Nov 2000 00h42m09.7sUT RA 22h44.5m  Dec -56d 54.6m  J2000.0
                          00h42m16.9sUT RA 22h50.3m  Dec -57d 13.1m
    Magnitude +5.3 to +7.3 slow vary during 17 sec observation window
    I had trouble with time signals so time could be in error by perhaps as much
    as a second or so.
    This was subsequently identified by Ted Molczan as 83008A #13791 NOSS 4(a).
    Then followed a spell of cloudy weather until clear last night when I got
    the following:
    USA 129  96072A  # 24680    - search elements from Mike McCants
    Nov 19 2000  20h39m09.9sUT  RA09h25.6m Dec-70d11.9' J2000.0
                           20h39m19.5sUT  RA09h06.8m Dec-70d41.0'
                           20h39m30.3sUT  RA08h42.7m Dec-71d04.3'
        gave one very bright 2 second flash to about magnitude +1 then mag +5.9
    for time it took to traverse the approximate 5     degree field of view of
    the CCD surveillance camera.
    Using  search elements by Mike McCants, based on Tony Beresford's
    observations of  possibly USA116, I got the following:
    USA 116?  95066A  #23728
    19 Nov 2000 23h24m03.3sUT  RA 11h34.9m Dec -46d27.5m J2000.0
                          23h24m10.0sUT  RA 11h28.2m Dec -45d57.6m
     magnitude +7.0 steady- faded into earths shadow at second position. Due to
    the low elevation ( az 137 el 17 deg approx) there were not many stars in
    the field of view and the faintest star visible was only about +7.5 so
    positions may be a little out due to lack of suitable reference stars- the
    first point being better than the second.
    All these positions were obtained from the video recording made of the
    passes and using the program GUIDE 7 to read of objects coordinates.
    PS I have a Cospar site number somehwere but have been unable to find it in
    all my rubbish so far.
    My coordinates are:
    Long 18.512944 East, Lat 33.940583 South - (GPS), altitude 10 metres  ( from
    my home in Pinelands in
    the city of Cape Town ( complete with its brilliantly lit sky!)
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