A couple of unidentified flashers seen...

From: Mark Harris (Mark.Harris@southsomerset.gov.uk)
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 00:02:42 PST

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    Was standing in the car park @ work this morning
    (50.9460N, 2.6620W), when I saw a couple of sats
    which I can't identify... any suggestions as to what they
    could be? (Apologies for the lack of specific times or
    1. Approx 6:28:15 GMT, whilst watching the ISS pass,
    there was a brief (1/2 second) flare from a sat moving
    North on the other side of Leo (close to Regulus); and
    2.  Approx 6:36 GMT, there was a solitary flash (approx
    mag: -1) from a sat right next to Benetnasch.
    Thanks in advance...
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