Re: new ISS images from October

From: Philip Masding (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 14:59:00 EST

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    Anyone who wants a copy of the ISS Simulator program can get it here
    A new version will be available soon with
    the high resolution NASA models of the ISS ( which Josef already has )
    including Destiny which I have recently got hold of
    ability to adjust the panel angles to match your image
    and some other minor enhancements
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    Subject: new ISS images from October
    > Hi all
    > on our homepage are now the images from the
    > October passes available.
    > On 15th and 18th there was a little bit foggy. The animation stills
    > are made with Philip Masdings
    > ISSSIMULATOR and it works great.
    > Josef Huber
    > munich public star observatory
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