New Release of ISS Simulator

From: Philip Masding (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 17:27:37 EST

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    For those cloudy nights ..
    A new version of the ISS Simulator program is now available on my website at
    For anyone not familiar with the program, it was mentioned in the Sky and
    Telescope article Shooting the Space Station with Video in the December 2002
    edition. It will create a Virtual Reality animation of an ISS pass from
    anywhere in the world and show you the precise appearance of the ISS through
    a telescope including all the stages of construction from 2001 onwards to
    the last mission 12A.
    In this latest version Mike Tyrrell has extensively improved the GUI and the
    new features include
    New screen layout allowing VRML and settings form to be viewed together
    Time is now entered as Local not UTC (remember to set your timezone!)
    Ability to load and save all settings (inc TLEs) to an XML file
    Automatic load of saved default settings
    Automatic detection of working directory
    Addition of S1 truss model option
    A model of Envisat which allows simulations of that satellite as well
    Mike and I would like to thank Tom Gwilym for beta testing this code for us.
    Hopefully this should mean there will be no problems running the program
    under different regional settings.
    Happy Viewing
    Philip Masding
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