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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 22:13:21 EST

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    Edward S Light wrote:
    > My question - can I assume that even before
    > docking with ISS, it ALWAYS flies "upside down", with the cargo bay
    > doors open, and with the cargo bay lights on?
    Hello Ed and list,
    When not docked to Station the Shuttle always flies inverted, generally tail 
    first except for manoeuvering. The P1 truss fills the cargo bay so, even with 
    the floodlights on, it would be hard to see in binoculars. At some point, I 
    don't know when, it rolls to get its payload bay up before approaching the 
    Station from under. It gets in front of the Destiny lab and then goes "backward" 
    to dock to Destiny.
     From what I usually see on NASA TV, the floodlights are on only for the payload 
    bay doors opening and for docking and EVAs.
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