Re: 1K...........poss obs ?

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Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 05:06:42 EST

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    Hi Max....
    Thanks for that...obviously I didnt see the sat then....and it looks like I
    slipped the wrong elset into LogSat....Hmmmm !
    > Saw the payload at 0604 on time around +2/2.5 through Leo above the moon -
    > reddish/orange colour, appeared steady over the 10 sec arc or so it was
    > visible before either entering a deep fade or phase angle faded it out.
    > expected it brighter.
    > Looked for the 3rd stage at 0700 in a brightening clear sky about 15 deg
    > above the horizon but nil seen - just too faint.
    > Thoughts - how long can they control this thing if both the payload and
    > stage are on battery power. I would have thought they needed to dump it
    > quick before it died on them.
    Good point , ... I was hoping to have had a further statement from SES by
    now , but nothing !
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