8th Anniversary of SeeSat-L

From: Walter Nissen (wnissen@tfn.net)
Date: Sat Nov 30 2002 - 21:10:29 EST

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    SeeSat-L was created 8 autumns ago this past week.
    I am very pleased to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have
    made SeeSat-L a consistently excellent medium of information about
    visual satellite observing.  Many of you have devoted much effort to
    these endeavors.  So many people have made consistent and excellent
    contributions to SeeSat-L.  All of you should give yourselves a
    well-deserved pat on the back.  Thanks, too, to those of you who make
    SeeSat-L a friendly place, by being polite and considerate of others, by
    staying on-topic, by always editing yourselves by focusing on whether
    your post will be of interest to the readers of SeeSat-L, by not
    routinely quoting whole messages, and in so many other ways.
    For more than 7 years, Bart De Pontieu moderated, expending a great deal
    of effort in the process.  My gratitude to him is dramatically large.
    Now, a new moderator has taken his place, the estimable Ted Molczan.
    But few of you are aware that his connection with SeeSat-L actually goes
    back more than 8 years.
    Some of the details of the creation of SeeSat-L are recorded in the
    SeeSat-L WWW archive at http://www.satobs.org/seesat/Nov-1996/0162.html.
    Also, see http://www.satobs.org/seesat/Nov-2000/0255.html.
    To these should be added the message below, which contains near its end
    the one effort I made prior to my inquiry to Bart to establish SeeSat-L.
    The actual Internet addresses aliased in this message were:
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    From:   NCF::NISSEN       "Walter Nissen"  9-JUN-1994 18:40:22.67
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    > the many Cosmos navigation
    > sats in 82.9 deg orbits should be readily observable through binocs.
    > I know that some think that I am (or see
    > myself as) a guru on satellites, but it is simply my hobby,
    I am not aware of the thinking of others about your status as a guru,
    but if you think this is a problem, I can certainly see why it dogs you.
    You make a comment about Cosmos sats which is almost casual, but which
    just happens to contain a major, perhaps THE major, part of the answer
    to the question which I had asked.  You make it darn tough for your
    critics (if any) to think of you as a dilattante.  Personally, I've
    found what you've written quite constructive and useful.
    > This situation will change eventually - perhaps I'll find a new
    > career, perhaps I'll drop dead of a heart attack.
    This is a serious health problem for many people.  I hope that your
    awareness of the tremendous stresses that you are under will be the
    first step in controlling them.  Perhaps in a new career, if that's what
    you want, or perhaps by some change in your approach to your existing
    > the many Cosmos navigation sats in 82.9 deg orbits
    I presume that you distinguish these from the sats in 82.6 deg orbits.
    I had been aware of a few cases where I have seen payloads, not in your
    file, but with rocket bodies which are in your file.  But upon seeing
    your comment I was stimulated to look for these and find there are a
    legion of them, going back to, I guess, 1972.
    > I make no apology for keeping incomplete records
    Nor is any necessary.  I was just joking, just taking an obviously open
    > My parting comment about perhaps finding time to help you out with a
    > list was made sincerely
    I'm sure it was.  Perhaps I should not have used the word 'embarrassed'.
    Sometimes I have to send out messages without purging every last
    imperfection (the alternative is total paralysis) and I didn't pay
    attention to finding the right word there.  I still don't have the word,
    but I can tell you I was really just trying to say that I fear that this
    might become a huge project, and I am only looking to find existing
    sources, not asking you to make a big effort (nor stimulate a heart
    attack nor inattention to the weekly file).  I may know a lot about sats
    but what I don't know is much, much greater and if I don't ask, I stay
    Apparently your address is a computer center.  Does the center operate
    any mailing lists or mail exploders?  Have you ever given any thought to
    having a visual tracking mailing list?  SEE-SATS-L?  I have, but don't
    know where to base it.  I'm sure that I would benefit from reading more
    of what you, BDP, MMM, Allen Thomson, Kelso, etc., etc., are writing.
    I am grateful for your offer and your other assistance, and remain in
    your debt.
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