my unid geo sat flare video

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 01:21:02 EST

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    Here's my evidence, that I really did I saw my unid geo sat flare up:)
    Warning, it's a 18 Mb file, better have high speed internet access.
    It's in windows media format.
    Look for a moving star :)
    Data from the International Telecommunication Union, listed a milstar 1t 68 degrees west. They had
    data for the milstar parked at 90 degrees west, and for the others. I had seen data from a
    military communication website, which listed the milstar at 90 degess west, and for at least 2
    others, that matched what the International Telecommunication Union listed. So allowing for the
    military communication website data was old, and the fact this unid flared up just like milstar 6
    does, I beleive the unid is a milstar. I have yet to see any other geo sat flare up like these two
    objects. Since they have large main body's and are covered in kapton, makes sense to me that they
    would flare up, but what do I know.
    Better go and hide, before mike comes after me:) 
    The inclination is high, more then for milstar parked at 90 degrees West, and has a changes it's
    inclination since I foound it back in May 2003. 
    Not exactually scientific proof. Just a thought on what I think the unid is. I an sure others
    won't agree with me, that's ok.
    All I know is that two geo sat's that flare up. So it gives me something to watch for.
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