Re: OTV 1-1 flare observed

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Nov 28 2010 - 13:45:14 UTC

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    Hi Robert
    Passes are currently about the same time now because the satellite does 
    almost 16 orbits a day. 16 orbits =~ 90 minutes . Any satellite that does an 
    integral number of revs/day will appear at the same time each night but of 
    course will not be necessarily in exactly the same part of the sky as there 
    are other things to be taken into consideration such as precession in the 
    Right Ascension of the Ascending Node and the Argument of perigee.
    So the "purpose" is purely due to celestial mechanics normally but of course 
    with X-37B there is probably a human-decided reason.
    Not too sure if Ill be observing it tonight - some cloud messing about so 
    may be clouded out - as I was last night.
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