Re: Optical 2nd Nov 2011 -part 3

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Nov 04 2011 - 21:50:11 UTC

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    Hi Mike
    I was frankly amazed to read your message now and never suspected that all 
    three "unknowns" were one and the same!
    On Nov 1 I mistakenly reported a near stationary satellite as Vortex 6 
    which you found was incorrect. Then Kevin observed an object the next day 
    and I subsequently observed it later based on your orbit from Kevins long 
    track. I did a long track and then stopped tracking it and
    forgot about it and went onto observe some of my usual geosats and found an 
    "unknown" near MERCURY 2 (which was the prime target at the time). I did 
    hope/suspect that it was the same object seen on the 1 Nov but at no stage 
    thought it was Kevins "unknown". Looking at the observations now that Ive 
    read your message I should have suspected this but the thought never crossed 
    my mind!
    I guess I can make the excuse that I was observing "Kevins" satellite with 
    the 200mm focal length camera, whilst the "unknown" found later was only 
    observed with the 50mm camera so would not have looked the same and I only 
    found it today when I looked at the 50mm images.
    Anyway pleased that three "unknowns" have now become one -- means I dont 
    have to hunt for them again and Im sure this also makes Kevin happy.
    Also it does seem to prove that the sky is not that big that two observers 
    widely spaced (Canada/South Africa) can "discover" the same object within 
    hours - the other case being the first X 37B where we independently 
    discovered it ,again a few hours apart - this time Kevin beat me -- not that 
    there is any competition of any sort I must add!
    Satellite tracking is fun and full of twists :-))
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