Phobos-Soil Ground tracks and trajectory

Date: Sun Nov 06 2011 - 19:47:04 UTC

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    I have included in the online program the state vectors of the trajectory that 
    Ted Molczan kindly sent to me. 
    The vectors of the trajectory have been extracted from the SPICE files 
    available on the project site, covering
    the position from orbit insertion to the end of the second burn.
    Here the link of the page:
    Don't forget to set your accurate position (double click on the map or use the 
    'Set Your Location' button).
    To whom it might be of interest I have arranged also a comparison between 
    state vectors and the 2 TLEs (also
    available at the project site).
    Here the link of the comparison (there will be visible 2 satellites):
    Best Regards,
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