Re: Phobos-Grunt - serious problem reported

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Wed Nov 09 2011 - 09:11:56 UTC

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    I had promising predictions, but the weather did not match forecast.
    An hour before I had a 10x50 binocular mag limit of +5, and probably the
    same at my 23:29 UTC pass.
    I could find M44 in Cancer with binoculars, where it should pass close
    above the center.
    With the telescope in my two degree FOV I found a small cluster of about
    ten (!)  stars which I believed was M44,
    but afterwards I couldn't match my memory with the star chart :-(
    Slimmer chance of succeeding on the hyperbolic part at 6500 km range and in
    the azimuth of the Moon, so I didn't try.
    I won't have a chance to see anything in the LEO orbit.
    2011/11/9 Ted Molczan <>
    > I have just received word from the project that there seems to be a
    > serious problem.
    > After the planned first burn of the engine, the spacecraft was not found
    > in the predicted orbit. Alternative radar
    > observations preliminarily show that there are two objects in the orbit
    > with parameters the same as before the planned
    > engine burn. Observers are requested to attempt to discover the spacecraft
    > in the initial LEO parking orbit.
    > ...
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