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Date: Fri Nov 11 2011 - 11:44:44 UTC

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     I just observed a pass of Phobos-Grunt and the Zenit second stage.  The
    rocket body was tumbling slowly, and the probe itself appeared to be very
    steady as it passed.  I did not get good timing information, but the probe
    was definitely steady.  I saw no other objects along the track the probe
    followed.  Both objects appeared to be on time with the ephemerides from
    the latest element sets.
     I used the latest element sets from Space-Track (Set 013 for the probe and
    Set 011 for the rocket body) and TS Kelso's "Trakstar" program to generate
    the pointing angles.
    Location: near Dayton, Ohio at 39.8735, -84.1197 and  286 meters elevation.
    Mike Murphy
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