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Date: Sat Nov 12 2011 - 05:36:25 UTC

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     Thanks for filling in the details!
     The longest stretch of continuous observation through 7X35 binoculars was
    about two minutes.  I picked up the probe in the binoculars ( before
    culmination), made a quick switch to the eye glasses to see if I could make
    out the probe unaided, and then went right back on the binoculars.
     I stayed on the binoculars to see if I could detect any subtle changes in
    brightness, as a vehicle shaped like the Phobos-Grunt probe could tumble
    without a lot of variation in brightness.  I thought I caught a bit of a
    flare at one point as the vehicle passed a tree trunk when it was rather
    low, but that could have been an illusion created by the contrast of the
    dark trunk against a brightening sky.
     I lost the vehicle rather low in the trees, about due south of my
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