Phobos-Grunt Prevision to Reentry in November 26th ?

Date: Sat Nov 12 2011 - 06:29:36 UTC

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    On 11 Nov 2011 at 23:44, Carlos Bella wrote:
    > It's the end of hope and the beginning of the concerns? ... the
    > inevitable uncontrolled reentry of the spacecraft into the Earth
    > atmosphere... 
    Probably the end of hope. But don't worry about it. It won't hurt 
    anybody. They never do. And if, by very unlikely chance, it does 
    actually hurt somebody, Russia will pay for it.
    Thomas Goodey
    Theories, theories, myriads upon myriads 
    of them, streamed over me like wind-borne 
    leaves, like the contents of some titanic 
    paper-factory flung aloft by the storm, like 
    dust-clouds in the hurricane advance of 
    the mind.
    ---- Olaf Stapledon, 'Last Men in London'
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