Phobos-Grunt Active Attitude Control

From: Paul Salanitri (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2011 - 02:25:14 UTC

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    According to (which
    I'm still interpreting) there may be attitude control thrusters used during
    the early stages.
    "Low-thrust attitude-control thrusters onboard MDU had a combined thrust of
    20-25 kilograms."
    If it does use thrusters - then this *may* explain the changes in orbit.
    It would also mean that some part of the spacecraft is still operational.
    [I'm speculating and asking for feedback on its thruster knowledge].
    Rough calculations based on a delta V of 1 m/s (from Ted's calculations)
    would be about 60 seconds of attitude thrusting within a day.  Not
    Paul S.
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