RE: Space Tracking and Surveillance System Demonstration Completes Mission

From: Steve Daniels (
Date: Mon Nov 14 2011 - 19:31:46 UTC

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    This from another list, the evening referred to would be the 12th November
    I wonder if it might have been a re-entry
    I was in northern France last evening near Calais and just happened to be 
    looking east - clear sky with a nearly full Moon - when a very bright 
    'meteor' flashed across the sky from S-N at around 20:15 GMT.
    The brightness intensified and the object then fragmented into half a dozen 
    pieces which carried on burning up.
    There is no information on spaceweather about the event so I wonder if 
    anyone else has any information.
    John Tellick.
    Steve Daniels
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