Re: Time ticks on a computer [SOLVED]

Date: Tue Nov 15 2011 - 10:04:01 UTC

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    On 11/14/2011 7:50 AM, Robert Knight wrote:
    > I think I have a solution for Jay Respler's request for *"a program for a
    > Windows XP computer that has ... a tick every second, similar to WWV."*
    > The program is called "WWV Simulator," and is available for Windows and
    > UNIX/Linux, with a freeware download  at:
    > It's non-vocal, but it *does* beep WWV-style -- every second, with long
    > beeps every tenth second, and a higher tone for the beginning of each new
    > minute, with a thin popup onscreen indicating UTC.  The author, Anthony
    > Atkielski (, describes it as follows:
    > *"This very simple Windows program displays the UTC date and time, and
    > produces a series of variable beeps inspired by the audio time signals
    > broadcast by the NIST in the United States from radio station WWV in Fort
    > Collins, Colorado...."*
    > Hope this helps (this is my first SeeSat-L message)!
    > *
    > *
    > *-Robert Knight*
    Well, for your 1st SeeSat message, you did great. Those ticks are just 
    what I wanted. I ran that together with the other program that just gave 
    an announcement on the minute.
    So now one program gives the announcement and this program give the 
    second ticks.
    Thank you!!
    Jay Respler
                  Freehold, New Jersey
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