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Date: Sat Nov 19 2011 - 09:48:00 UTC

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    Just an Air Weapons range.
    See Ft. Irwin in Mojave desert.
    The puzzle like images are simulating urban targets.
    The power grid is a Electronic targeting site for aircraft . The squares are the 
    weapons targets see the destroyed vehicles and the scrape pile to the left, and 
    those are tank tracks all over the place.
    The mock airports runways are obvious but for different conditions.
    There are similar things in the Cold Lake Weapon Range but they use clearings in 
    the forest to simulate targets.
    To the north is an E-W road -- that's a tank road with a Fire guard just adjacent 
    to it to the north.
    Larry Wood
    On 18/11/2011 12:59 PM, William Blair wrote:
    >>    Very interesting.  Any idea where the association of
    >> these targets with Corona comes from?  That is, was the photographer
    >> involved during the program, did he/she find documents identifying them,
    >> etc.?
    > I first saw mention of them here today:
    > Excerpts:
    > (About mysterious man-made ground patterns seen in China via Google Earth) "It turns out that they are almost definitely used to calibrate China's spy satellites.
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