NOSS 3-1 (C) Possible Sighting

From: Bill Arnold (
Date: Sun Nov 20 2011 - 01:16:58 UTC

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    Using elements from Heavens Above for today (November 19, 2011 local) with the Epoch of 11323.00786405, I believe I had a pass of NOSS 3-1 (C).  I also used the all sats file from Space-Trak, and the classfd.tle from Mike McCants, and there were no other objects that passed over those stars at the times I saw what I hope was NOSS 3-1 (C).  There are a lot of satellites that are older in element time, and it could have been one of them as I am unable, even using Element Manager (Thank you Rick von Glahn) to try and update the older elements.
    As seen from my front yard here in Woolmarket, MS (30.4854N, 89.0027W), the object was moving north to south, and passed over the star 15-Eta Persei, (RA: 02h 50m 41.810s  Dec: +5553'43.786"  (Epoch 2000) at about 6:06:20 pm (00:06:20 UTC). It then passed about 4 below 4-Beta Trianguli (RA: 02h 09m 32.627s  Dec: +3459'14.269"  (Epoch 2000) at about 6:08:35 pm (00:08:35 UTC).  It was steady in brightness, about mag 3, with no flaring or flashing. According to HA, it will have some good passes over the next several days, so I hope to see and time it better if the clouds will stay away.
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