R: TLEs for Phobos-Grunt

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Mon Nov 21 2011 - 15:31:01 UTC

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    You can use my web site. With just 5 clicks, It predicts passes, magnitude
    and it shows you the satellite's trajectory in the sky char. The page is
    interactive so you can change the time and zoom in the sky map.
    You will find the instructions in the page. The link is:
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    >Ogg: TLEs for Phobos-Grunt
    >Hi everyone,
    >I had no luck seeing Phobos-Grunt using Heavens Above last night
    >despite what appeared to be an excellent bright pass. Can you tell me
    >where I might either find regular, updated TLEs for the satellite?
    >Either that or is there a site that's updated regularly with TLEs for
    >Phobos-Grunt that will provide a list of times for my location? Also,
    >what has been its brightness range of late?
    >Sorry for so many questions. I appreciate your help.
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