Satellites and Asteroid Occultation

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Tue Nov 22 2011 - 01:36:14 UTC

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    To my IOTA Buddies.. If you can do asteroid occultations, you can do
    positional satellite observing..
    To my Seesat Buddies.. If you can do positional satellite observing, you can
    do asteroid occultations.
    To my video Buddies.. Well.. You can do both..
    Cue the video!
    >From my usual front yard in Morgan Hill, CA, I used the same setup over two
    nights to create the video last week.
    Scope is an ST80 with a Mogg 0.6 FR and maximum spacing to yield around a 2
    x 1.5 deg FOV.. This is piggy backed on a wedge mounted 12" LX200. Camera is
    (essentially) a Mintron.. Time inserter is an IOTA-VTI from Video Timers.
    The satellites are self explanatory with the Mintron integrating. The Quadea
    occultation is at the bottom of the crosshairs with no integration..
    Video is at the bottom right of this page and is an 18mb WMV file..
    PS.. and there are always lunar occultations, especially those involving
    double stars.
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