Re: FW: {MPML} Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Trajectory now in JPL Horizons

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Nov 24 2011 - 05:19:32 UTC

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    At 10:21 AM 24/11/2011, wrote:
    >Has this been analyzed for visibility?
    >Burn visibility?
    >Ron Lee
    Ron, and others,
    At the start of JPL Horizons ephemeris the spacecraft is at roughly 
    58 degrees elevation from the coast of western australia,
    23 degrees from Adelaide, and 11 degrees from Canberra. So I imagine 
    that observers in Perth WA will seem some of the last
    of the solar orbit inject and the centaur fuel dump.Local time in WA 
    will be just before midnight.
    I just caught the last fading bits of the Cassini's centaur fuel dump 
    back in 1997? because of a phone alert
    from a member of the public so this time i want to see the start if 
    possible. A former president of our local
    Astro. Soc was doing a viewing night at a kindergarten and saw the 
    artificial short-lived comet as she describede it.
    tony Beresford
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