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From: Mike McCants (
Date: Thu Nov 24 2011 - 21:33:33 UTC

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    In the December, 1994, issue of "Flash", the publication of
    the Belgium Working Group for Satellites, Bart De Pontieu wrote:
    "One new initiative was conceived, developed and implemented in one day
    in November.  It is the Internet satellite observer's mailing list,
    called seesat-l.  Seesat-l is set up so that all electronic messages to
    the seesat-l address are automatically forwarded to all subscribed
    poeple.  Seesat-l is entirely devoted to satellite observers and
    already counts about 25 subscribers.  ... The archive contains all
    messages (40 so far ranging from questions, observations, ...)"
    He says this was written on December 14, so there were about
    25 subscribers in the first month.
    Mike McCants
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