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From: Bill (
Date: Thu Nov 24 2011 - 23:10:04 UTC

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    I just witnessed a very nice (72 degree) pass of the Phobos Grunt satellite from my in-laws during Thanksgiving dinner. 
    I'm sorry I have no useful OBS details, but it was fairly accurate prediction at heavens-above and I wanted to report the sighting to those who care ;-)
    2011-11-24 pass begin 
    17:32:56 10* WSW
    17:35:02 72* NW
    17:36:47 13* NE
    And was magnitude 1.4
    This was my first sighting, but I've been following along very interested to everyone's posts. 
    What struck me was the orangish color and the speed it was traveling. It was a lot faster than I was expecting. It seemed brighter than predicted, I would estimate at around 0 magnitude at its peak. It was steady brightness with the exception of toward the end as it was viewed through more and more atmosphere. I missed the beginning of the pass due to clouds and the sunlight in the western sky was still quite bright. 
    Thanks for listening. 
    Bill Mitchell
    Erie, PA USA
    42.09552 -80.066945
    UTC -5
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