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From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Sat Nov 26 2011 - 16:50:33 UTC

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    Of course I remember the creation of seesat-l very well.
    I've been a member of the BWGS  since the mid 80's.
    At meetings in the early 90's we have discussed the setting up of a kind of 
    a message board on the internet as an replacement for the BWGS magazine 
    Although not recieving the test messages, I joined Seesat-L as soon as it 
    became available.
    Seesat-L let us communicate about satellite observing much faster than with 
    the monthly Flash magazine.
    Also remember the Eurosom 1, 2 and 3.
    On Eurosom 1 I only attended the sunday session.
    Eurosom 2 in Gent was great. There I met the fellow satellite observers from 
    Of course I had met Pierre Neirinck on E1 and a separate visit with the 
    Afterwards me and my wife showed Jay and his wife some special typical dutch 
    places as Zaansche Schans
    and Volendam, where we ate delicious seefood.
    In Edingborough was E3. I remmber Pierre parking his Renault 5 almost up the 
    stairs of the hotel.
    Jay's wife and mine had two good days of sight-seeing and shopping in 
    Edingborough, while we were attending the lectures in the observatory 
    There I saw my first daylight Iridium flare together with the whole group.
    Some other tourists looked very strange at us when the whole group burst out 
    in AH's and OH's and There it is, staring at a blue sky.
    They didn't see it as it lasted only a few seconds. Must have somewhere a 
    videorecording by Bjorn of the event.
    Several years later Paul Maley was in Holland and together with Bram and 
    Bjorn we had a nice meeting in Utrecht.
    Would be nice if a 4th meeting could be organized. It was almost so far 
    several years ago by Ted in Ottawa, but cancelled because too few initial 
    Satellite observing has been low for me in the past 2-3 years, due to 
    several circumstances. But I still follow Seesat-L and other space related 
    Leo Barhorst 
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