RE: Time ticks on a computer [SOLVED]

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Date: Sun Nov 27 2011 - 01:09:49 UTC

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    Thanks for finding this..
    I have sent it to the IOTA eGroup..
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    Subject: Time ticks on a computer [SOLVED]
    I think I have a solution for Jay Respler's request for *"a program for a
    Windows XP computer that has ... a tick every second, similar to WWV."*
    The program is called "WWV Simulator," and is available for Windows and
    UNIX/Linux, with a freeware download  at:
    It's non-vocal, but it *does* beep WWV-style -- every second, with long
    beeps every tenth second, and a higher tone for the beginning of each new
    minute, with a thin popup onscreen indicating UTC.  The author, Anthony
    Atkielski (, describes it as follows:
    *"This very simple Windows program displays the UTC date and time, and
    produces a series of variable beeps inspired by the audio time signals
    broadcast by the NIST in the United States from radio station WWV in Fort
    Collins, Colorado...."*
    Hope this helps (this is my first SeeSat-L message)!
    *-Robert Knight*
    *Ubiquity... has its place.  *
    *But that's neither here nor there.*
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