Next Week's Big Launches

From: Dr. T.S. Kelso (
Date: Sat Nov 16 2013 - 03:50:44 UTC

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    As many of you know, we have two big launches next week--each with about 
    30 payloads (not to mention upper stages and deployment devices). This 
    could be the ultimate tracking challenge!
    I've already put together some information on the Dnepr launch, 
    currently scheduled for 07:11 UTC on Nov 21 out of Dombarovskiy, Russia. 
    The primary goal of that analysis is to show where on the Earth's 
    surface these objects should be visible for the first 24 hours after 
    launch. It appears visibility will be restricted to above 58 North and 
    below 5 South latitude, so it's really going to depend on the southern 
    hemisphere observers.
    I hope to put together a similar analysis for the ORS 3 launch, 
    currently scheduled for 0030 UTC on Nov 20 out of Wallops Island, Virginia.
    For both of these analyses, you can find them under the Special Event 
    Coverage at  - TS
    Dr. T.S. Kelso
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