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Date: Wed Nov 20 2013 - 00:52:44 UTC

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    Aloha Greg,
    Yes, these will be challenging targets visually, but it still seems 
    unlikely--despite all the NASA and university payloads--that we're going 
    to get any TLEs for these, since they are on a DOD mission. Too bad you 
    won't be watching since the first landfall will be in your area of the 
    And, yes, it is madness to launch 60+ satellites in two days of sizes 
    that we have difficulty tracking with radar or optical systems!  - TS
    Dr. T.S. Kelso
    On 2013-11-17 20:02, Greg Roberts wrote:
    > Morning Tom -- Thanks for the information on the two launches. I dont 
    > really expect that amateurs will see much, apart from perhaps the 
    > rockets as the satellites are all so small so probably fainter than 
    > mag +8 and more likely around the mag +10 mark. With the full moon now 
    > in the sky this will make things even more difficult, so whilst I may 
    > try the Russian one - since its at a convenient evning time - I dont 
    > expect to observe the US one as Im not a morning observer unless 
    > really necessary. I personally think its bordering on madness to 
    > launch so many satellites at a time :-))
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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