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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Wed Nov 20 2013 - 20:10:25 UTC

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    Benjamin Monjay schreef op 20-11-2013 20:55:
    > I mentioned that on Facebook but several people rebutted and said that they saw
    > it and it was very bright and faster than a jet. I found another photo on
    > Facebook as well: I tend to think it's a contrail as
    > well but we see those all the time as the main "jet highway" from Seattle to So.
    > Cal. runs right up the Cascades and they don't make news.
    Hi Benjamin,
    On one of the images on the news website and on the url you mention above you 
    can clearly see that the trail crosses *under* another aircraft contrail and a 
    cirrus deck.
    Fireballs and reentering space debris occur at much higher altitudes than 
    airliners and cirrus decks.
    Perhaps there really was a fireball that morning: but these pictures with the 
    news item clearly do not show it. They show aircraft contrails.
    The trail on the URL you give above does look a bit odd, but it is clearly low 
    in the atmosphere, at aircraft altitudes.
    - Marco
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