Satellite sizes

Date: Thu Nov 21 2013 - 23:43:04 UTC

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    "Silo-launched Dnepr rocket delivers 32 satellites to space":
    This article has an interesting collection of "units" for satellite sizes (order as listed in the article):
    1) compact car size
    2) oven size
    3) palm of a hand size
    4) medium tomato size
    5) toaster size
    Imperial and metric units are also used.
    By the way, what would be the expected visual magnitude of a "medium tomato size" satellite in low orbit on a favorable near-zenith pass? I'm guessing magnitude 9.5 or so by extrapolating from Vanguard 1 ("grapefruit size") which, when five times further away, is around magnitude 11.0. Of course, my definition of "medium tomato" may differ from others... :)
    Frank Reed
    Conanicut Island USA
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