Optical, radar space surveillance going to West Australia

From: Allen Thomson (thomsona@flash.net)
Date: Fri Nov 22 2013 - 21:24:40 UTC

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    A bit OT, but maybe of interest.  Note that Exmouth is about 10 km from the Harold Holt Communications Facility. See http://www.defense.gov/News/newsarticle.aspx?ID=118537 for background.
    Australia, US sign an agreement on defense space cooperation
    2013-11-22 15:37:34 
    Australia and the United States have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering the relocation of a highly advanced US space surveillance telescope to the Harold E Holt Naval Communication Facility in Western Australia, the Australian Department of Defense said Friday in Canberra.
    [snip, snip]
    The telescope, which will be operated by Australia on US behalf, will contribute to the US global Space Surveillance Network, which provides warnings to all satellite operators of potential collisions with other satellites or debris. The telescope will complement another initiative to relocate a C-band space surveillance radar to Exmouth, Western Australia.
    And the telescope is expected to operate from 2016.
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