USA 198 r/b near M33

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 12:57:05 +0100
Hi all,

Last Thursday I was imaging the M33 galaxy with a 2.8/180mm Zeiss lens (testing 
a CLS filter - not entirely satisfactory, as the filter introduces strange red 
aura's around some stars) and tracking mount.

When looking at the resulting images, I found that the classified object USA 198 
(2007-060B) happened to pass close to M33 in it.

For those interested in the resulting picture, a stacked image can be seen here:

As the images do not have the timing accuracy of my usual tracking images, they 
are probably of little use for astrometry. As I do seem to see some slight 
brightness variation, I might however try to construct a brightness curve.

- Marco

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