Re: Estimated Orion EFT-1 Elements

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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 12:24:25 -0800
Yes, sub-surface perigees are tricky.  I used STK to model the mission and had to try a couple of different ways of specifying the final orbit before it was 'happy' to proceed.

Old astrodynamicists never die, their orbit just decays.
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> On Nov 30, 2014, at 12:14 PM, Greg Roberts <> wrote:
> Many thanks Daryl for the update.
> Yes the chances of seeing it are pretty remote but I would kick myself if it was
> going to do anything interesting !  Unfortunately programs like HEAVENSAT and
> GUIDE will not produce predictions from the second set of elements  since with
> a perigee of -23 miles it says the satellite has decayed. However other prediction
> programs may work - I had the same problem with the re-entry of the recent
> Chinese moon probe. It would appear that the second stage also does a
> re-entry at about the same time as the ORION capsule - pity if it had stayed in
> orbit another few orbits it would have been a worthwhile target. ( but then I
> guess cloudy weather would be a certainty!)
> Best wishes
> Greg
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