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I don't see any reason, people couldn't spot the light coming from  the 
upper stage.

Only problem, I seem to see, is that the rocket will be  low in altitude, 
so won't be high in elevation for people trying to see  it.

If anybody has any specifics regarding this flight, such as how long will  
the first stage burn . . . and how long after that the transition to the  
ignition of the Centaur . . . and how long that will last, that would help a  
lot.  Keep in mind that during Shuttle launches MECO occurred about 400  
miles southeast of NYC and at an altitude of 75 miles, placed the orbiter about 
 8 degrees above the SE horizon from the Tri-State NY area about 8 minutes 
after  leaving Pad 39A at KSC.
I've scourered  the Internet looking for specific numbers or some sort  of 
timeline regarding launch-to-orbit of this mission with little success.  
It might actually be more advantageous -- from a visibility standpoint --  
to have the launch occur about an hour earlier, which would allow the 
vehicle to  be illuminated by the Sun.  A delay of 3 days -- from Thursday, Dec. 3 
to  Sunday, Dec. 6 -- would likely push a possible liftoff time back to 
just before  5 p.m. EST.
-- joe rao
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