Re: Visibility of Cygnus CRS Orb-4

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Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 10:22:34 -0500
I couldn't find an ascent profile, but I found this which contains a
timeline and ground track-

It shows Atlas BECO at 04:16, Centaur ignition at 04:32, and Centaur
shutdown at 18:17. The initial orbit is 124x124nm.

I live in SE Virginia and saw the shuttle several times when it launched on
a similar trajectory. For me it rose out of the south about 4 minutes after
launch heading towards the east. It reached and maintained an elevation of
about 13 degrees as it headed towards the NE. MECO was visible.

All of the launches I saw occurred after sunset- several just after, and a
few at night. I never did see a daytime launch.

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> writes:
> I don't see any reason, people couldn't spot the light coming from  the
> upper stage.
> Only problem, I seem to see, is that the rocket will be  low in altitude,
> so won't be high in elevation for people trying to see  it.
> Kevin
> If anybody has any specifics regarding this flight, such as how long will
> the first stage burn . . . and how long after that the transition to the
> ignition of the Centaur . . . and how long that will last, that would help
> a
> lot.  Keep in mind that during Shuttle launches MECO occurred about 400
> miles southeast of NYC and at an altitude of 75 miles, placed the orbiter
> about
>  8 degrees above the SE horizon from the Tri-State NY area about 8 minutes
> after  leaving Pad 39A at KSC.
> I've scourered  the Internet looking for specific numbers or some sort  of
> timeline regarding launch-to-orbit of this mission with little success.
> It might actually be more advantageous -- from a visibility standpoint --
> to have the launch occur about an hour earlier, which would allow the
> vehicle to  be illuminated by the Sun.  A delay of 3 days -- from
> Thursday, Dec. 3
> to  Sunday, Dec. 6 -- would likely push a possible liftoff time back to
> just before  5 p.m. EST.
> -- joe rao
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