Some Satellites 11/15/2016

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 21:30:53 +0100
Pre-dawn, a handful of satellites, excellent conditions despite the full
moon. In the evening, many clouds, only one satellites between clouds.
Also a UNID that could be an airplane that at 18:23:50 UTC, presumably
crosses by Menkalinan, HS only shows Cosmos 839 Deb (10412), but the object
moved at least 1/3 of its angular velocity with flashes of magnitude 0.
Of the satellites, perhaps highlight Astro H, with its defined flash group,
I leave a of the photos of it. Also, the high brightness of ERBS (15354),
as well, as in general, of almost all the satellites dominating magnitudes
of 1st and 2nd order.

Date: 11/15/2016
Astro H (Hitomi) (41337): Groups of 3 flashes, the first of magnitude 0 and
the other two of magnitude +2; If not for the most powerful flash of the
group, could pass through a distant plane. In 8 seconds there seems to be a
total of 7-8 flashes (2 groups and the first-second of the third), Time
between 05:12:08 UTC and 05:13:23 UTC (HS begin UTC), magnitudes
0 and +2
Delta 2 R/B (1) (20453):  Time between 05:14:47 UTC and 05:16:27 UTC (HS
begin 06:14:30.2 UTC), magnitude +3.5
ERBS (15354): max brightness between RA 08h19m03s DE 12º39'30'' and RA
08h42m21s DE 06º41'09'', Time between 05:19:10 UTC and 05:20:25 UTC (HS
begin 05:18:53.2 UTC), magnitude +1
Yaogan 29 (41038): max brightness between RA 04h09m14s DE 47º02'39'' and RA
04h37m15s DE 36º17'41'', Time between 05:24:41 UTC and 05:26:21 UTC (HS
begin 05:24:24.8 UTC), magnitude +1.5
NOSS 3-6 r (38770): Two flares,1º flare max. brightness magnitude +1.5
between RA 04h34m51s DE 33º42'04'' and RA 05h28m08s DE 24º41'31'', 2º flare
max. brightness magnitude +2.5 between RA 08h00m55s DE -15º55'04'' and RA
08h10m28s DE -18º32'13'', Time between 05:30:50 UTC and 05:33:27 UTC (HS
begin 05:30:33.0 UTC), magnitudes +1.5, +2.5
CZ-4B R/B (40120): Time between 05:53:16 UTC and 05:54:37 UTC (HS begin
05:52:58.3 UTC), magnitude +2
GlobalStar M050 (25908): max. brightness RA 05h31m15s DE 56º26'31'', Time
between 06:01:52 UTC and 06:02:23 UTC (HS begin 07:01:35 UTC), magnitude
SL-3 R/B (10114): Time between 06:04:34 UTC and 06:05:27 UTC (HS begin
06:04:17.4 UTC), magnitude +2.5
Tiangong 1 (37820): max. brightness between RA 23h03m48s DE 77º34'14'' and
RA 21h41m44s DE 78º18'30'', Time between 06:07:23 UTC and 06:08:21 UTC (HS
begin 06:07:09.4 UTC), magnitude +2.5

SL-3 R/B (14208): Time between 18:27:48 UTC and 18:28:32 UTC (HS begin
18:27:30.0 UTC), magnitude +3.5

3602, 36.8390º N, 2.4498º W, 30 m, Almería (Spain)

José Luis Ruiz Gómez
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