Re: Joy (NED)

Ron Lee (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 20:05:42 -0600

Don't need a passport. Birth certificate and picture ID.  IN some 
cases, a voters registration card MAY (not sure of this one) be OK
with picture ID.  Ask  a travel agent or other knowledgeable person.

However, you may consider getting a passport just in case.

As far as going this weekend, COST is a biggie since the ticket to
Miami would be over a $1000 I suspect. Not worth it for a weekend.


PS. I am not toying with ya.  funnin maybe, but not toying.

>This time the issue wasn't money I couldn't find a play friend who could
run off
>for the weekend on the spur of the monment.  Hey, we could still go, I bet
>There were some conditions related to this cheap ticket.  I'll have to run to
>the airport and split now cause the thing is an over Saturday deal.  Wana
>me there?  And are you sure you know what you are doing in Coz.  Oh darn, I
>can't go I don't have a passport, bummer.  However, you better believe if
I had
>a passport I'd be gone about now if there were someone with whom to go.
>The sea breathes life into me,
>it is from whence I came. -Jan