Iridiums 14!! and 11

Ed Cannon (
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 05:29:52 -0400

Super pass of Iridium 14!!  (24836/97-30A)  I counted 44 (plus or 
minus one, I think) consecutive one-power flashes, period about 
five or six (?) seconds.  The first 20-25 or so were very bright; 
then there were a few faint ones, then several more bright ones, 
then a few more faint ones.  This was the second pass of the 
evening, low in the west (culmination 27 alt. @ 280 azi. at about 
2:24:17 on 1998 Oct 24 UTC).  These flashes were mostly before 
culmination; I first picked it up very low in the SW.

On the earlier pass of Iridium 14, I didn't get in place in time
perhaps and only saw two flashes, at 1:43:02 (?) and 1:43:07, 
plus or minus one second.

Iridium 11 (24842/97-30G) -- I observed five consecutive flashes:
1:19:18, 23, 29, 45, 51, plus or minus one second.

Location was 30.3086 N, 97.7279 W, 150 m.

A general comment -- seems to me one needs as many hands as Shiva
to get good flash timings....

I hope everyone's having a great time at Eurosom 3!

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA