Re: Vandenberg Minuteman II Launch Observed

Ronald Ross (
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 20:26:14 -0700

I got a spectacular view of the Minuteman Launch, while camping in the
Northern Nevada desert. Just after 7pm a very large white fan from the
exhaust could be seen for about 30 seconds. At first we thought it was
the searchlight  from a plane, but the fan width and brightness was quite

>Well, I just hope those in the US southwest heeded Brian Webb's launch
>and looked.  It launched just after 7 PM PDT and all expectations were met.
>I'm not going to try to describe it as I don't think I can find the words
>right now.  One reason for posting is to alert all, whether you saw it or
>not to keep an eye on your local TV news if in California.  Even if
>elsewhere, video of it will probably show up on CNN, BBC, American CBS,
>and ABC TV network national news shows.  I already saw on my big satellite
>dish a feed of it on ABC's news feed channel.  I also videotaped it and had
>alerted local TV stations who may have known already or maybe not.  But
>were told and I imagine there is plenty of video of it and still pictures.
>Dave Ransom (STS Plus creator) e-mailed me that he saw it from Sedona,
>Arizona.  I'm sure he won't mind if I post it here:
>< Jake,
>Tonight's launch was clearly visible from Sedona in Northern Arizona.
>Spectacular! We could follow the missile through cutoff and the lower
>portion of the contrail was still visible at 19:15 MST=PDT. Vicki had her
>aircraft scanner on and the pilots went bananas ... One pilot even knew
>what was going on, somewhat unusual, but Albuquerque Center didn't have a