Re: NOAA 15
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 09:26:56 EDT

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> We observed a bright (mag.-2 or -3) "double" flare from NOAA 15 that
>  lasted for almost 8 seconds Friday evening. Quite a surprise from what
>  is normally a mag. 4.5 object. (I have the exact time and direction in
>  my notes). With a solar array listed as 2.73 x 6.14 m in size my guess
>  would be it was a (lucky?) reflection from that.

The NOAAs, like the DMSPs will flare unpredictably from time to time.  There 
are numerous posts over the past year or so about NOAA 11 and 15.  Ed 
Cannon's post from 15 February 1999 was one of the better ones.  In the post 
there is a link to a drawing of the spacecraft's configuration.

>  Does this satellite actively manuever?

I would think that it sees some minor boosts from time to time. 

For additional info see:

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