TDF-1 from Europe

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 06:42:03 +0930

Fellow Seesaters,
just a reminder that by the evening of October 16, 1999,
the flashing near GEO sat TDF-1 , 88 90 A, 19261 should
become visible in European longitudes. On that date
I estimate from extrapolating my observations that flashes
will begin at about 16:53 UT. At the time this is
for a mythical observer at 50N, 20E projected on the
sky at RA 18:22, dec -8 degrees. 
the flashing segment lasts some 13-15 minutes at most,
is 11.8 minutes later each night. To remind
you, I last observed it on Sept 25, 1999 ,
and the phase change point was 12:53:54 UT.
Tony Beresford ( 34.9638S, 138.6333E, 100mASL)