introduction re faq 2e
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 22:09:51 +0100

I have just started satellite observation, partly by accident while 
surfing for satellite pix of UK-I found Fells "Sathunt" software and 
became quite interested-I have read the relevant see sat FAQ and 
(as per ref e) this gives a brief description of me,a 39 year old 
engineer, living in UK-North West England. As I have just started I 
have only made about 6 positive idents from TLE data-2 were 
impressive (mainly USA 86) which appeared at zenith at predicted 
time on 3rd Oct and was a spectacular sight although 40% low 
cloud obscured much of pass. I have read numerous reports from 
the mailing list and have been impressed with the level of detail and 
the (sometimes confusing) technical comments. before I begin 
posting observation data can someone give me guidance on the 
FORMAT which should be employed in reporting ie 
 A-Should I use "IOD" format when compiling a report-this seems 
complex but logical if everyone uses same format.(further detail 
required ie what does each group of figures represent)
B-If not can I find an "idiots guide" to aid me in compiling 
observation data.
I do not want to start posting data which is useless and annoying-
thanks for you patience
N 53.24 W 2.047 
Marple UK

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